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Get Involved :: Foster Care

Our simple Foster Care Program saves lives this way:

Dogs who may otherwise be destroyed at an overcrowded shelter are temporarily placed with you, their foster family, until a forever family is found.

As the foster parent, you are never under an obligation. You may return your foster pet to us anytime, for any reason. You may foster a pet once a year or once a week.  

All our dogs receive a health check, vaccinations, deworming and a temperament test before going to their Foster Home.  We only ask that you give your foster dog food, shelter, and love.  If you do incur expenses (such as purchasing food), you may get a tax break. Read this article for more information!

Becoming a foster parent/family is a great way to get directly involved in rescue work. Our dogs benefit from a home environment and the personal care, attention and training given by a foster parent is invaluable.  

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent/family, complete the online foster care application. Before applying to our foster care program, please read our Foster Care Agreement that you will be required to sign if you decide to foster with us.

Foster FAQs

Do I get to choose which dogs I foster?

Yes! We rescue a variety of breeds, sizes and personalities. We will share all we know about each dog and invite you to decide which dogs might be a good fit in your home.

How long would I have a foster dog?

If the foster dog is a good fit in your home, we ask that you keep the dog until we find a forever home. A typical foster stay is about 3 weeks. Some breeds/sizes go more quickly and others more slowly.

What if the dog doesn’t work out in my house?

As a foster, you’re under no obligation to keep a dog that does not fit in your home. We are happy to provide training and management tips to help make fostering a pleasant experience, but if a dog is not a good fit for your family, we will find him/her a new foster home.

Do I control when I foster?

You may choose to foster as often as you like. If you want to have a foster dog in your home most of the time,great! If you would rather take breaks between fostering, or if a busy schedule sometimes makes it difficult for you to foster, we are happy to accommodate.

What if I decide I want to adopt my foster dog?

We try to give our fosters first chance at adopting. If you decide you want to make your foster dog a permanent part of your family, we’ll be happy to work with you to make that happen!

Do I have to pay for vet care, food or other expenses?

WBCR provides all vet care for foster dogs as long as the dog is taken to our vet. We are also happy to provide a crate and food if needed.

Whatkind of veterinary care does WBCR provide?

All WBCR dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and placed on heartworm and flea/tick preventative before being placed in a foster home.

Foster Responsibilities

WBCR fosters are asked to commit to the following: